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Why does sugar dissolve faster in warm water?

Is TT(pi) exactly equal to 22/7?

Is it acceptable to use American spellings in essays and letters?

Do you, as a teacher or student, come across questions for which you do not find the answer easily? If so submit it to our “Ask an Expert” section and the response will be e-mailed to you. We will forward questions asked by students (or teachers) to our team of experts in order to satiate your hunger for knowledge. The most interesting questions and answers will be displayed on our website.


Certain types of questions will not be entertained, so please do not ask them here.

Questions that will NOT be entertained are:
1. Questions that are trivial or silly.
2. Questions that are simply definitional or factual.
3. Questions that are answered in almost all textbooks.
4. School assignment or homework type questions.
5. Questions that are vague, incomplete or unclear.
Also, please avoid ASSET related queries here.

Questions that will be given preference are:
1.Questions which include information as why the question is being asked(significance) or is of interest.
2. Questions which include an attempt to answer them.


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Is it related to a real-life problem?
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