I think the ASSET test is an eye opener in many ways. It makes children think and apply what they have learned, so it is a good indicator of ability. No preparation is required to take ASSET because it tests understanding of concepts. Memory can fade, facts can be forgotten, but you cannot lose understanding of a concept.
- Ms. Suniti Sharma,
Principal, MGD Girls’ School, Jaipur

I have noticed an increasing enthusiasm of our students in ASSET’s All-India tests. We have received positive responses and appreciation for ASSET from students as well as teachers which have been published in our monthly journal Bosco Times. ASSET’s Everyday questions (AQAD) have been compiled up and are forming a kind of question bank on different subjects. Some of our teachers are using them usefully.

ASSET has also been a kind of foundation for our students in their preparation for external proficiency examinations. It guides and dictates them in specifications of the performance abilities desired in candidates to be selected for technical, medical and other courses of studies.
- Fr. Joseph Thalekkat
Principal, Don Bosco School, Guwahati

The questions were both interesting and challenging for the children as they had multiple choice questions – something that the children were doing for the first time. They were also the kind of questions that would help the children in the competitive exams in their future life.
- Mrs. Farida Abraham
Principal, La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow

I firmly believe that if children’s notions are eliminated, conceptual clarity will automatically come. ASSET in a real true sense, is an asset for an educator if correctly used in the class. It is genuinely, the hallmark of this question paper. ASSET moves with current trends of education.
- Mrs. Dr. T. Sudha
Principal, Delhi Public School, Secunderabad/Nacharam

The ASSET Question-a-Day have engendered curiosity in the students and have led to active discussions in the corridors of the school. These questions have led to a lot of peer interaction which is a potent form of learning.
- Mrs. Seema Jerath
Principal, D L F Public School, Ghaziabad

The ASSET test has made a difference to the quality of teaching in our school. It is a great example of ‘valid assessment’. Many tests and examinations which are carried out in India now – even by boards of education – do not really test what students have understood. ASSET tests do that. The critical aspect of providing feedback to teachers on what their students have not learnt or understood correctly is the best feature of the ASSET tests.
- Ms. Jyotsna Brar
Principal, Welham Girls’ School, Dehradun

The application based and multiple choice questions allow a child a fresh chance to evaluate himself, free of teacher biases, personal blocks to subjects or testing systems. The analysis of their mistakes is very interesting and aids better teaching methods.
-Mrs. Ganguly
Headmistress, Cathedral and John Connon Junior School, Mumbai

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