Educational Initiatives has been working very closely with teachers, education researchers and Heads of educational institutes since its inception. The EI team also includes some very passionate teachers who have had first-hand experience of dealing with students, addressing their concerns and being instrumental in promoting higher order thinking in their respective schools.

EI’s offerings are in sync with the expectation of the educators. With the focus primarily on assessment, EI’s products and services provide the teachers with a complete analysis of the learning gaps of their students and the misconceptions they have. With this thorough and detailed analysis, the educator has time to plan the way ahead and address the learning gaps before they become misconceptions for life.

Being the country’s only international bench marking test, the ASSET results give a clear cut picture to the teachers as to where their students stand. The resources provided with the ASSET results like the Teacher MyBook proves to be a guide not only in mapping but also in planning the lesson plans for the coming year.

Detailed Assessment:
This is a service that has been inspired from EI’s practice of seeking ideas and constant feedback from the educators. Detailed Assessment is a teacher tool, where detailed and diagnostic results are available within 48 hours of the test conduction. These quick results provide remedial action and a clear direction.

This learning program is based on adaptive logic, making it customized for each and every child. Mindspark acts as an assistant teacher, helping individual students in their specific areas of concerns. It also clarifies students’ doubts working on the system through interactive tools and games.

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Established in 2001, Educational Initiatives believes in making a difference in education through personalised learning and ensuring that students learn with understanding.