ETAS – Enhancement of Teacher Assessment Skills

Welcome to ETAS!

[Enhancement of Teacher Assessment Skills]

What is ETAS?

• ETAS is a newly introduced online tool for ASSET schools to help raise the level of assessment competency amongst teachers.
• The programme helps teachers improve their understanding of current student learning levels, in a simple and informative way!
• This is NOT an assessment – teachers do not need to answer any ASSET questions – they only need to predict students’ performance on them.


How do teachers participate in ETAS?
ETAS participation can be completed in 4 simple steps:


Where can teachers complete their ETAS?
The ETAS programme is completely online – teachers will receive a link from their ASSET coordinator or principal on e-mail, where they can go and create their user accounts.

Once the account is created, teachers will be able to complete their ETAS when the ETAS window is open. After this window closes, we will get back to teachers with their reports within a week. These reports can be viewed online within your accounts.

When can teachers complete their ETAS?
Teachers will be able to do ETAS only after the school receives intimation of the same via email. The ETAS window remains open for 30 days to enable teachers of the school to attempt ETAS.