Students are at the core of all that EI does. EI strongly believes that true learning for any student is only when the learning happens with understanding. EI develops all its services with ‘learning with understanding’ as the central message.

Like all other stake holders, EI takes into account all that these very important stake holders have to say. Constant communication with students from across the country helps EI to understand how students learn and come up with ideas to make learning fun and everlasting. EI has used technology to make the teaching-learning process effective and interesting both, for the teachers and their students.

This international bench marking test is a low stake test. Students take this test without any preparation because it tests their understanding of the concepts taught in the subject. With the result, students get a diagnostic report that shares their strong areas and their weak areas. The Student MyBook also contains their international bench marking and practice questions to help overcome their misconceptions.

Detailed Assessment:
This assessment tool has brought a new meaning to testing and assessment for students. These set of eight tests that have to be taken during one academic year, are very interesting and higher order thinking type of questions that have been customised to the curriculum followed in the school.

This learning system has been created keeping the need of the students to learn at their own pace. Built on adaptive logic, Mindspark helps a student learn by posing questions to him or her. Depending on how a student answers a particular question, the system serves up the next problem. This system also brings a student to a lower level and addresses the misconception at the root. Mindspark also offers different remedial tips, interactive activities and even games specific to the problem a student might be facing.

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Established in 2001, Educational Initiatives believes in making a difference in education through personalised learning and ensuring that students learn with understanding.