Achieve great school results with Detailed Assessment

Detailed Assessment is the only formative assessment programme that your school needs, to forecast and support student’s performance in school annual exams, external competitive exams and board exams.

  • Suitable for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and all State and International boards

  • Available for English, Math, and Science

  • Available for grades 3-10

  • Can be conducted on computers or pen & paper

  • Different tests like topic, midterm and annual tests

  • Easy to understand reports made available in 24 hours

Drive your school success with data

Identify learning gaps

Once your teachers conduct a Detailed Assessment for the topic taught, the reports will highlight the specific and critical learning gaps that should be addressed before moving on to the next topic.

Sample Teacher Report  

Continuous Assessment

With the reports made available up to 8 times a year, your teachers can identify and group the students as per their needs and offer the required remedial support. To address the most critical learning gaps of the classroom, your teachers are provided with the recommended lesson plan ideas and worksheets.

Sample worksheet  

Transform your school performance

A comparative report to help you easily differentiate between high and low performing classes, students and teachers. This real time data enables you to intervene on time and help them be more efficient.

Sample Management Report  

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