Mastering the mountain of language through Mindspark English

Mindspark English helps you absorb phrases before you learn words. Engage with all aspects of language learning. Listen to a conversation between two friends, or read an excerpt from Anne Frank’s diary. Speak aloud a few fun facts about elephants, and maybe write about your favourite movie. You can do all of this and more on Mindspark.

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How Does Mindspark English Work?

Mindspark English is a web-based language learning tool.

  • For grades 4 to 9

  • Unique login credentials for each student

  • Question-based learning methodology

  • Contains games and activities to encourage multiple modes of engagement

  • Teachers are provided feedback based on their students’ skill-specific performance as well as usage

  • Mindspark English helps students master their basic language skills through these five pillars -

    • Listening

    • Reading

    • Grammar

    • Vocabulary

    • Writing

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Listening is an art, which we help you master.

Mindspark English has a growing repository of interesting audio clips to help students gain mastery over listening comprehension skills.

A student gets exposure to:

  • A wide range of topics ranging from politics and history, to science and the environment
  • Speeches, debates and interviews and read-out by voices from across the world
  • Listening exercises based on conversational situations from daily life


Those who read with greed have few wants or needs.

Reading helps one contextualise & become more comfortable with the words that enable us to express our own thoughts. Mindspark engages students through the unique content of interesting paragraphs across various genres.

A student gets to read:

  • Folktales, biographies, scientific articles, historical texts, modern fiction, expository pieces
  • Narrative, descriptive and persuasive writing styles


Hammer the fear of Grammar.

The power of words depends on how you string them together. This is where grammar comes in.

Mindspark English’s approach to grammar is to focus on the usage of grammar concepts rather than trying to memorise rules without context.


Because ‘wondrous’ is better than ‘great’.

It's important to use the right words at the right time. Mindspark English helps students to understand the context that governs the application of words. In the process, we explore word roots, inflexions and wordplay.

To unravel the intricacies of vocabulary, Mindspark dives into:

  • Etymology
  • Prefixes and suffixes
  • Confusing words
  • Confusing phrases
  • Spellings
  • Word meanings


Writing is its own reward.

In today’s world, English writing proficiency is a nonpareil asset. Mindspark English develops a student’s writing skills through a writing tool that connects a school's teachers and students. It enables teachers to easily send detailed and consistent feedback on texts submitted by students.

  • Students can write on any topic (or choose from a list of topics on Mindspark)
  • Teachers can also assign specific topics to students
  • Teachers can use pre-written comments and an automated spell-check while giving feedback
  • A scoring rubric makes it easier to make the grading process more objective
  • A mobile interface is available for teachers to give feedback on-the-go

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